What you should know before you go to Andalusia | 7-day Trip Planning in Andalusia

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the Government of Spain in the first half of the 20th century the Iberian Peninsula this boasting a unique history multicultural tourism value until, today majestic and magical palaces, we visited mosques remained as a ruin. After a successful restoration work …


Today, around the world, from the corner of the 2.2 million tourists a year, Arabian nights coming to see the Alhambra Palace evoking. This number could have been 22 million but is limited to 6,000 daily visitors. Therefore, the first Andalusian traveler alert: break off your journey for at least a month before the internet really buy Alhambra tickets. Caught up in the romance, I’m going to say it myself, I have a few days when you allocate benefits from Granada, the Alhambra, because a beginner park and losing the path between the buildings is inevitable. My suggestion, guided tour and get the order in and navigate through without skipping an important place.


A trip to Andalusia route, that’s why the most important issue before the trip, a good travel planning. Determine the amount of time before: I have four days, or you can split the seven days? We looked at from the right, from left, we could not make time and the cities of our trip we made a plan like this to seven days:
day 1: arrival in Malaga and directly switch to Granada (2 hours). Afternoon walk from the Darro River Valley in Sacramento (Gypsy).
day 2: day of the Alhambra (4-5 hours), afternoon Arab Market, towards the Albayzin quarter against the slope of the Alhambra (formerly Muslim, the new Jewish quarter).
day 3: switch to Cordoba (2 hours). In the afternoon, Juderia (Jewish quarter) surpasses the Guadalquivir River at sunset and the ancient bridge.
day 4: La Mezquita trip early in the morning (1.5-2 hours), journey to Seville in the afternoon (2 hours). In the afternoon, Sierpes and Tetuán streets between boutiques, shops in the trip.
day 5: around the Cathedral in Seville, Santa Cruz, Plaza de Espana, in the circle of El Arenal decapitated chicken bustle.
day 5: Morning journey to Cadiz (2 hours). McTavish so no later than noon open market and flower market visit, lunch in the marketplace. After the city tour.
day 6: departing from the Costa del Luz early in the morning and the trip to the Costa del Sol via Gibraltar (3 hours). Estepona accommodation in the seaside town named for the settlement. Ronda trip in the afternoon (4 hours). Dinner at Estapone.
7. Day: in the morning visit the Marbella Marina (30 minutes away). After lunch travel to Malaga airport and coastal shore (2-3 hours).

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