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The capital of the canton of Zurich Zurich (Zürich), Switzerland’s largest city. It has a mild climate. Geneva and Bern in conjunction with one of the country’s most visited one of three points and Switzerland’s most popular entrance gate. Lakefront location, unspoilt nature, unique cultural activities in a wide range of city of overriding, makes it attractive for tourists.
Must-see places
Lake Zurich; 35 km long divides the city, Limmat River; The streets of the old town-Town Hall-, Zurich art house-, Europe’s largest church clock contains the Church of Saint Peter; St. Peterhofstatt; Münzplatz; the world’s most elegant and expensive shopping streets, one of the luxury brands Bahnhofstrasse row; Romanesque style, Grossmünster (great Monastery); Art Gallery Kunsthaus Zürich; Botanical Garden; Lindenhof Hill is located in the Centre of the city; Painter Marc Chagall’s stained-glass Windows adorned with Fraumünster Cathedral and FIFA (international soccer Federations Union) Centre, and the main places must be visited.

Land of chocolate and time Zurich, colorful showcase, complete with charming boutiques, vintage stores a shopper’s paradise. London, Paris or Milan until not a popular topic has a reputation in the true sense of the word. The world’s most stylish, most decent and most expensive is one of the Bahnhofstrasse shopping street here.
Shopping malls in the sense that Switzerland definitely can compete with other European countries. There’s no huge shopping malls per step here! Of course this is a good thing. opened in 2007, the Sihlcity shopping mall even extremely small. You only need to meet. The money in the country is based on nature’s Green and not green …
Shopaholics can go a few of the popular options. Glatt, is one of them. Switzerland’s most popular shopping mall. Giyimden is a place of international brands sold within the hour. 20 minutes away from the Center, outside the city of Zürich Wallisellen is contained in. Stadelhoferstrasse No. 8 is contained in and made by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava can be visited at the Bahnhof Stadelhofen.

Did you know them?
The population of Switzerland, which is quite expensive-8 million is a country,
The Mövenpick Hotels with Migros, Nestle, Novartis and Swatch brands of Switzerland presented, originating,
Located in the country, and that China and Mexico restaurants is quite expensive exotic attractions; compared to this selling restaurants, kebab is an extremely affordable prices, sales,
Switzerland has been represented by lawyers in Trials and of animals,
• In Switzerland, known as the “land of Lakes, over 1,500 Lakes,
-Together with the Vatican over the world of Switzerland square is one of two countries that have the flag,
Switzerland’s only not with the hours of the chocolates and the Alps, has been known with a Pocket knife,
-1,224 units differ from each other in Zurich fountain,
-Zurich-St. Peter’s Church is the largest in Europe, the hours (even larger than London’s Big Ben),
-A remarkable city of the nation’s largest network of Bank in Zurich in “banks”, as it is doing,
-German in Zurich (Swiss German is known as) talked about,
-Johanna Spyri’s world-famous Heidi wrote in Zurich, book
-The world’s most livable cities Zurich and Geneva’s top ten, about 40 sunken ships on Lake Geneva,
-Philosopher and writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born in Geneva,
-established in 1954, the Cern (CEJRN) Switzerland-France border, located near Geneva and is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

Switzerland Cuisine
The origin of Switzerland is based on the purportedly made all over the world, cheese and
stuffed with salami, veal Cordon bleu dinner (“cord Jesus”); vegetables and sauces
cooked and julienned beef popular taste of cuisine, which includes Switzerland, Dana
Emense; Spread all over the world from Switzerland, a very special cooking technique of the Fondue
(Fondue), especially the one with cheese (cheese fondue-cheese made with dissolution); meat fondue and a chocolate fondue; Country-specific domain name from the town of Switzerland’s Gruyere Gruyere; Raclette heated cheeses; Sucking in the Valley of the River near Bern
Emmental Cheese is specific to Switzerland produced; famous carvery Zürcher Geschnetzeltes
(white wine, cream and mushroom sauce with diced veal); for those who love potatoes
shredded potatoes Rösti made kızartılmasıyla (Röşti), is not necessarily tested
the required specialties. There are many variants of French cuisine-specific Makaronların here
You can find. Switzerland’s Lavaux wines can be enjoyed with food.

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