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Zonguldak, Turkey’s province. Located on the Black Sea coast of Turkey’s Black Sea port of the country, especially the province of maritime trade has an important place in between. In addition, Turkey’s richest coal mines. But lately, the only way to win from the revenue of the city day by day due to Tan regresses. Karabük province in 1995 due to industrial decline has accelerated the migration out of the city back in terms of. Currently still gives excess rate of migration.


Across the County 10 nursery, 324 elementary school, 59, totalling 389 school vocational high school general – education and training.

Bulent Ecevit University; Faculty of medicine, Faculty of science, Faculty of engineering, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Ereğli Faculty of education to 5 faculties, three institutes, 2 colleges, 6 vocational school, 1 State Conservatory.

32 in the University Professor, 32 associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers, 106 43 259 instructor, 256 Research Assistant, 8 736 total academic staff of experts.

Zonguldak cuisine

Local kitchen weight flour (wheat and corn flour) made from the types of food products. Maybe the world’s most delicious nuts in the forests of Zonguldak lamb Urchin is budding, season the frogs collected chestnuts roasting in the oven with the salting as a dashed all cooked over heat of junction, kabob (kömme) is stored dried, as evaluated in the form of either. In our country only Kdz. Ereğli Ottoman Strawberry grown in six forest vegetation located in the mountains, blossom, dogwood (eama), rosehips, BlackBerry, basil, mint, Bay, Kay, Moncton regional cuisine using different formats.

One of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea, its unique natural beauty and historical values with the spectacular

Edmonton is the most advanced of the Black Sea and the West one of the beautiful city. Tourism has great potential in terms of Zonguldak when you begin to discover natural and historical beauty will be amazed here and plan to come again.

Halil Pasha Mansion: Ereğli Museum Directorate, the historic home of Halil Pasha Mansion, are doing important and historic sights of Zonguldak. in the 19th century. made towards the end of this historic building open to the public as a museum today. The Museum of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad, Abbasid, Artuklu, Seljuk and Ottoman periods have been archaeological finds on display.

Koprulu Mosque: located at the Mall, in the Centre of Zonguldak Bridge Mosque, one of the historic Ottoman-era. Built by Grand Vizier Köprülü Mehmet Paşa mosque, the city’s sights are doing.

Caves: Zonguldak, on the black sea cave tourism flourished, in this sense, one of the most interesting cities in the region. The nation’s most important caves, caves of Hellmouth been subject to host Edmonton. Gökgöl Cave, Cumayanı Cave, Prairie Village Water cave, Kim and İnağzı cave are the cave of Zonguldak interest.

Beaches: some of the most beautiful beaches of the Black Sea, is hosting. Especially if you are located in Zonguldak in the summer that roam the beaches and coastlines, we propose you to enjoy the sea and clear blue. Filyos, Türkali, Göbü, Kapuz, Karakum, Sazköy, Ilıksu, Liming, Uzunkum, Hisarkarası is the most well-known beaches of Zonguldak.

Natural beauties and promenade: Edmonton places to visit on your list is not necessarily required to be present on the deÇitdere Nature conservation area with a unique natural beauty. Strandja oak is only here you can see one of these forest types of special features. Zonguldak Nature protection area in the District of Yenice. In addition, Zonguldak intertwined with nature there is also a lot of you will spend time promenade, Kızılcapınar Dam Lake, Reservoir, Gh. Ulutan Dam Lake, Chow Pond, Sunny Falls according to this promenade between the most interested.

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