Things to do in Wındsor

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Windsor; one of the UK’s most visited city.The most important reason, located in Berkshire, and used as a summer house of the Royal family for centuries, Windsor Castle (officially the ‘ Windsor Castle ‘).
Some of it is used to deep drop-offs while the green gardens of Windsor history
you will do a deep journey. Before coming to Queen Victoria at Windsor Palace
Train, the exit of the castle is a magnificent statue. Windsor Castle, history
longest housing being used as a castle with a lot of tourists
attracts the attention. in November 1992, resulting in a big fire badly damaged the historic
buildings, spending serious sums was brought back.
St. George’s Chapel; Sabella’s ‘s Hall; long queues formed, completed in 1924, in thousands of artifact
and in fact, even the Queen Mary Doll House tiriğj sieve (Queen Mary’s Dolls ‘ House);Waterloo Chamber and long gorgeous dining table; members of the Royal paintings are exhibited in the room and especially the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip (Elizabeth Queen Il’s wife) belong to the Royal Collection and olein depicting “The Queen at Breakfast, 1965” table, must-see.

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