Things to do in Warsaw

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Poland is the capital and largest city is Warsaw, II. Was almost completely destroyed in World War I. Afterward, reborn from the ashes …
Old Town (Old Town); Mermaid Statue; St. Anne’s Church; the largest park in the capital
the Lazienki Park and the 17th-century Palace in the Laizenki Palace, known as the top of the water; Chopin Monument; Belweder Palace (. The Church Of The Holy Cross;
Castle Square is known as Plac Zatnkowy (Castle square) and Royal Castle Royal
Path; 2012 national stadium with a capacity of approximately 60,000, City Centre shopping mall Złote Tarasy PGE Narodawy; Mały Powstaniec referred to as Little
İnsurgent Statue; Warsaw Barbakan; The Jewish Cemetery; Chopin Museum; The Warsaw Ghetto; Copernicus Monument; St. john’s Cathedral; Pawiak (Prison) Museum; 1643:00 since its construction in neo-classical style the elegant example of Palac Prezydencki (Presidential Palace) and Visitationist Church, must-see places.

Did you know them?
-Polish musician Frederic Chopin (Şopen), 39-year-old had to say goodbye to life; Is buried in the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris; but subtracting his heart, his sister made a box and by the Ludvika Holy Cross Church in Warsaw are hiding in one of the columns; still there,
-The film is that of Chopin’s music Pianist (2002) Director Roman Polanski Poland-born; from the hands of the Nazis, survived thanks to the father; his mother died in Auschwitz, while
-Madame Curie was born in Warsaw Poland origin; Is the first woman Nobel Prize; In addition this award was the first scientist to be passed twice,
-Lived in the Kingdom of Astronomy scholar Kopenik’s P olonya; According to the book of himself before he died is shown printed pages, in this way died in happiness,
-14 May 1955, in Warsaw of 8 countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Romania and the USSR olonya, P) the purpose of the friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance Gates signed the Warsaw Pact,
-Ul is the national symbol of the white-tailed eagle,
-P didn’t pick up the shoes as a gift to each other olonyalıların; because if you’re going to leave in a way that they have a superstitious belief that (we had a similar separation of belief, as a gift for your beloved is seen in the interlocking of Cossack),
-In our country was founded as a Polish Colony of Polonezköy; first name Adampoİ; later became known as the “State” began …

Poland Cuisine
German, Jewish, Russian and Hungarian cuisine is inspired by the cuisine of Poland, quite delicious and a kitchen combines different flavors. One of the most popular flavor, chicken, potatoes, carrots and celery into the water, put in the soup Rosöl Pa ncar Barszcz soup; as of the appearance of the dumplings are my favourite which is similar but much bigger dough combo, which is slightly different from the taste of the ravioli, the most famous food Pierogi (Poland-style Ravioli); Stuffed Cabbage Galabki; Hunter’s stew known as Bigos; mushroom and cheese to fast-food lovers Zapiekanka other popular dishes are Zurek (carved into the inside of the bread are put into soup, that way served); Poland Cake and desserts, a delectable selection of flavor.
In bison grass vodka, a weed called legend of Żubrówka is the way to Poland can be tried.

Lazienki Park
The largest park in the capital, Lazienki Park. Tan the squirrels-ridden; all kinds of colored birds chirp a hidden paradise.
a 76-hectare park, water on the top of the Palace; tree-lined long
paths and with branches of the bud once blossomed.
The most distinguished architects of the period, Tyman van Gameren park, designed by the Polish “Baths” took its name from the nearby bathroom Lazienki.
in the 18th century, was used as a Royal Park. The last King of Poland is summer mekanıy. Nowadays, the city’s most popular tourist stops. Water at the top of the House, the most visited place. Latin Palace stele was put says:
This House hates sadness, love and peace will serve the people honest …


  1. Great post. I really like visiting Poland, and Warsaw is my favourite destination there. I love how diverse it is, and how many attractions there are to choose from. I mostly enjoy exploring the culinary places and spend my time there. One of my favourite discoveries is actually and bar and restaurant in one place. It is called Bubbles and they specialize in champagnes from all over the world, and their food is also excellent and delicious. I would love to go there again during my next trip to Warsaw.

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