Things to do in Vojvodına Novı Sad

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Autonomous region of Vojvodina with a population of about 2 million, has a multi-cultural identity.
6 official languages. The capital, located about 1 hour away from Belgrade, Novi Sad, in this beautiful city. Entered the buildings, elegant buildings color colour, from wooden barrels manufactured bar tables, its the stroke was the clock tower, this coastal restaurants with spectacular views and delicious regional cuisine and service in restaurants owned a city worth visiting. In the eyes of Belgrade frequented by tourists.

Located on the right bank of the Danube, in 1692, the Duke Charles Eugène de Croy Dynasty by the construction of the iconic symbol of the city, completed in 1780 and the Petrovaradin Fortress (with its famous underground tunnel), old town; Novi Sad Synagogue; Dunavski Park; Dunavska Shopping Street; City Museum; the monasteries of the city; The National Theatre Building; Mileticeva Street; Episcopal Palace (Vladicanski Dvor); in memory of the victims of World War II, built the family Memorial; Saint George’s Cathedral; Svetozar Miletic, where the statue of Svetozar Miletic Square;
located in the same square as the Town Hall and the 52-meter-high “The Name of Mary Church, necessarily should be crawled.

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