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Austria’s capital Vienna, is the largest and most populated city of the country. It is also the capital of music and art. Over the centuries, has been home to the Habsburg Dynasty, who lived in the Ottoman siege of the city twice.

Must-see Spots

Vindobona (Vienna), was founded around 500 BC by Celts and rich cultures, heritage in the city. in 1278, Rudolf von Habsburg to deal with I Habsburgların 640 years reign.

  • Known as the summer palace of the dynasty, legendary Schönbrunn Palace (also Emperor Franz Joseph’s wife Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) is one of her favorite places),
  • Art History Museum,
  • in 1869 Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth’s first opera opened with the participation and representation of the work of Mozart’s Don Giovanni with the Vienna State Opera, the Hofburg Palace, the Winter Palace of the Habsburg Dynasty ‘run and Sisi Museum,
  • At first, including a spectacular collection of Gustav Klimt in the immediate vicinity of Belvedere Palace, where the
  • Contrary to the architectural style and distinctive style of Austria as the Gaudisi, Aus-turyalI painter and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s Hundertwassser House
  • Parliament House,
  • 1740-1780 have managed to manage alone the Habsburg Dynasty between’m, one of the most powerful women of the era of Maria Theresia’s monument (Maria Theresia, Maria Antoinette has given birth to 16 children, including),
  • Vienna Woods,
  • Neo-Gothic architecture, “Rathaus” (Town Hall),
  • Ringstrafie (Ring Street-Vienna Ring Road) and the Ring’s circumference,
  • Located in the heart of the capital’s most popular square Stephansplatz and the city’s most important landmark, mosaic-roofed, Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom),
  • The old city center, 
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (Vienna Branch),
  • Europe’s second-largest cemetery in Central Cemetery,
  • Prater Park Ferris wheel, one of the oldest of its kind example (Riesenrad was designed for romantic and 12 cabin),
  • Graben Street and the Plague Memorial,
  • Liechtenstein Castle is visited and sights.

Hundertwasserhaus by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, built by Austrian architect and painter, 52 apartment apartment. At first glance, with different colors and style manages to attract attention. It’s as if you were inside a fairy tale evokes the impression of a real masterpiece!
Hundertwasser as ugly, pale, beige buildings instead of always liked colors dominated structures, roofs concrete instead of greenery, has dreams. Until the end of his life, dream works of all beauties, to correctly, is a talented artist.
Belvedere Palace
Sleek and stylish cafes with balls, famous as one of the most beautiful palaces, Belvedere capital Wine. Including The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, the table, the most extensive collection exhibited throughout the world. Prince Eugene of Savoy’s Summer Palace is a baroque palace known as architect, Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt.
Up and down two pieces as occurring from Belvedere Palace structure, has a picturesque garden. 2. smelling the world war then Austria’s freed and a deal signed in the upper Belvedere Palace here (15 May 1955).
Town Hall
Known as the rathausplatz square structure, built in the Neo-Gothic style. Liechtenstein’s capital Vaduz Cathedral architect, but also made the popular architects of the period, with Friedrich von Schmidt.
The structure was completed between 1872-1883. Today, thousands of tourists is one of the most photographed in Vienna. Festivals, parades and special events featuring the visitors to pleasant moments, passes.
Vienna’s Christmas Markets
Vienna, fixed and temporary Christmas pre new year every year, with the marketed tourist attraction. The largest of the city’s Christmas market, known as the Wiener Christkindlmarkt Rathausplatz market. Other city squares, reflecting the spirit of Christmas in the best way possible is hundreds of stands. Giant Christmas trees adorn the square asked, a flashing of lights flashing on a street, Christmas carols accompanied by wandering, spicy smell of Christmas cookies and cinnamon cloves joined Street asked mulled wine are waiting for tadımınızı.
Romance seekers, Spittelberg Christmas market; they are willing to do a little way, the Turks, the name of the field visit the Christmas market in the Türkenschanzpark.
Not necessarily the taste …
Not until after you’ve had it to Vienna schnitzel! Known as the Wiener Schnitzel meal, not the way we do chicken, veal is being made from. You should consider this when ordering. One of the most accurate address of the dish, Figlmüller. At the same time, the most famous one. Their slogan “Schnitzel’s Residence”. since 1905 in his own words ‘ legendary schnitzel’s. When it comes to a venue so popular, of course, is also very difficult to find the place, I advise you to reserve in advance. Schnitzel qualified trainer is my advice, the Cantino planisphere is pumpkin Italian rice.
Do not miss more than the food, leave room for dessert!
In Vienna, you will get another taste, often the name of the famous Sachertorte chocolate cake. You can find a lot of space in the city, the cake. The biggest favor you can do yourself, seize more than food and leave saved room for dessert!
-Finally, Demel Bakery Apfelstrudel with make the reputation’s stay in the city without trying.Cheese made Topfenstrudel is consumed with too much however, definitely do not keep up with the rate of an Apple thing.
Did you know them?
-‘ Music capital of Vienna’s Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Strauss and Schubert is home to many valuable composers like I did
-Passing through the city of the Danube River (Danube River), surpassing the 10 countries from the Black Sea cast-in-place and the Volga River is Europe’s longest river, after the
-The First snow (snow globe) in Vienna, Erwin Perzy, was invented by accident, by the
-founded in 1752 on Vienna’s “Tiergarten Schönbrunn” (Vienna Zoo), is the world’s oldest Zoo,
-The world’s oldest atlıkarıncasının (carousel) here,
-The birthplace of psychotherapy is the capital; Sigmund Freud lived here for many, many years, and there has been a lot of research of neticelendir,
-Vienna city each year and the residents ‘ valse in unfortunate more than 300 organized ball,
-Queen Sisi are the strict rules of the Palace the official protocols and bored all the time;Faciasında lost her son Mayerling; When an Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni travel in Geneva by killed stabbed to death …

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