Things to do in Venıce

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Built on the island and the capital of the region Veneto 118 Venice, “floating City” or “Queen of the Adriatic”. Gondolları, channels, vaporetto, bridges, churches, carnivals, puppets, masks and gorgeous lagoon with a famous Italian city. Surely one of Europe’s most romantic stops too. The city’s name comes from the tribe of Veneti who lived before Christ. Latin word meaning “venetus” blue sea, a connection with him.
Once the meeting place of poets and musicians, the Basilica of San Marco, St. Mark’s square, the heart of the city; Archangel Gabriel, on top of the same Basilica Bell Tower Campanile; La Fenice; has adopted the symbol of Venice that connects Rialto Bridge ‘, Venice Doge’s residence of the Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale); of the prisoners before their last breath the last time Venice saw the last Breath Bridge “the bridge also known as the bridge of sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri); more than 4 km long beach of the city’s largest channel of the Grand Canal (Canal Grande); The Accademia Bridge; one of the city’s oldest House Turks Palace (Palazzo dei Turchi or German Warehouse dei Turchi), the main places to be seen.

Transportation and tips for gondolas
Used as a means of transportation since centuries, the gondolas, the sine qua non of sightseeing in Venice today. At the same time the greatest icons of the city. Showing off in order to get ahead of his affection 1562 brought a ban and gondolas have become just painted black. If you wish for an additional fee, you can also Tan striped shirt gondol (gondolier) by.
Rialto Bridge
Rialto Bridge which connects the two banks of the city, one of the oldest at the top of the bridge on the Grand Canal. Şalların, surrounded by shops and stalls selling of silk.Many projects have been considered the Architect Antonio de Ponte’s design and construction of the bridge began in 1588. Is complete, the year 1591 found him. Today, the most prominent of Venice, one of the most famous and most romantic structure.
Great Channel
Known as the Canal Grande or Canalazzo 4 kilometers of Venice’s largest channel length.Choose from the vaporetto duran docked coast gondola in the course of the Canal of access, reveals an extraordinary landscape, too.Channel while hundreds of houses from centuries ago palazzo and waving at you.Breathe in the smell of history, historic houses and elegant color color send you a Hello.

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