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The Vatican, Rome, Italy, a city in a city-state. For security purposes, if the head of State of the country constantly monitored with cameras, spiritual leader of the Pope. His words, the force of law.
The world’s smallest countries in the world’s largest Basilica (Basilica di San Pietro (St. Peter’s)). 60,000 people at the same time, into a magnificent structure. The Basilica is located in Piazza San Pietro (Saint Peter’s square), one of the world’s largest square. In the middle of the square is placed a 25.5 m high Obelisk Egypt. Of the stories in the Bible, medieval ressamlarınca depiction of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and the walled-in, I think the most important place must be visited. The world-famous works of art shelter here. His foot may enable the kutsaya and purify their sins themselves Saint believed long queues formed in front of the statue of St. Peter; He died in her arms of Michelangelo, statue of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus Pietâ located in St. Peter’s Basilica and Bernini’s bronze Baldachin in the Baroque work of St. Peter’s must-see.

Did you know them?
-Collected by the Roman Catholic Church, for centuries a large collection
one of the most important museums in the world which is counted the Vatican Museum, located in the breathtaking spiral staircase was designed by Giuseppe Verdi in 1932,
-Located in the Sistine Chapel and 1511-1512 by Michelangelo in the “Creation of Adam” (creation of Adam) works,
is one of the world’s most famous fresco,
-Including the Pope in the Vatican, around 880 people lived,
Gold, a symbol of the Pope’s authority-“Fisherman’s ring” (Papal Ring)
She wore; After the death of the Pope, the last Pope is used as a seal ring
the hammer breaks will be destroyed by; While in the ring, Fatima’s third
that being said, the secret of stored (Fatima’s other secrets for
Fatima Section

-Most of the Popes and was buried from St. Peter’s Basilica, when he died,
-The Sistine Chapel ceiling is not “forbidden fruit” of Apple, fig, being drawn as
-The current coat of arms of the Vatican, the two key gold one from heaven; Silver is the one
represents the Pope; If these two key is remembered as ” the keys of the city together “,
-The Vatican square in the world, along with Switzerland is one of two countries that have the flag,
-That does not contain any of the armed forces in the Vatican; the country “Switzerland Guard Corps
protecting; serving as the world’s oldest still active army
(since: 1506); Being called as “Cohors Helvetica” by the Pope; the guards
single, a high school graduate, 19-30 years of age, minimum 174 cm tall, is essential to being a citizen of Catholic and Switzerland; the Raphael of uniform colors
Red, Orange, blue and yellow occurrences,
-The Vatican is its own private phone line and post office,
-The UNESCO World Heritage list,
-Vatican City (Vatican City), Italian, Latin, French
and spoken English,
-The country of the Latin ATM device,
-Even if you were born within the borders of the country of Vatican citizenship rights
is the only country that you cannot win.

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