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Known for its cold and dark winter, 50% of the territory of Estonia, covered with forests. The capital city of Tallinn, the country’s main port at the same time.

prior to 1918, the name was chosen in Reval.Origin of the name Tallinn used today, t’s derives from linna (farm town) or the Estonian Taani-linn (us) so Zknimarkalılar means city/Fortress.

-Old city centre (Tallinn Old Town) and the heart of the city counted on Rådhuspladsen (Town Hall Square),
-Orthodox Cathedral “Alexander Nevsky”,
-Kadriorg Park and Kadriorg Palace,
-Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Toompea Hill and,
-Kiek in de Kök Tower,
-Old City Gate Viru Gate,
-Pikk str, located on the 26th, The House of the Blackheads (married the merchant and shipowner)-124 meter high Bell Tower with the famous St. Olaf’s Church (Oleviste kirik-you can see the beautiful city views from the tower but narrow area you must take to climb 258 digits),
-Liberty Square (Freedom Square-Vabaduse valjak) war of independence victory column (War of Independence Victory Column-Vabadussöja vöidu sammas) (1918-1920 Independence/4,000 persons have been murdered during the war of independence, 14,000 Eston also was wounded. Esther, Rainer Sternfeld, Aldar Laidre, Anto Savi and Kadri was designed by Kiho),
-City square (Raekoja Plats) and city walls, the main places to be seen Feribotlarla 1.5-2 hours you can access, you can go to Helsinki the capital of Finland among other places.
Did you know them?
-Some very interesting pieces of the Dynamo sports society; for example, we believed in the trees; so much so that a married couple who fight, an oak tree in case of stay up all night alcove, is intended to fix their marriage,
-Skype software has been invented by the Estonians,
-Mud treatment in the country began in Haapsalu and the tradition of 1820 is based on the ‘ 70s, high amounts of estrogen from mud-Vârska (the female hormone) due to the effect of rejuvenating the skin that contain a product without competition,-Estonia’s independence in 1991 (from the Soviet Union) won,
318 meters the highest point-Estonia Munamâgi Consciousness (Great Egg Hillm
that is,
-The first public Christmas tree in Estonia in Tallinn’s old town square 1441
placed in,
-Covered with Forests is very high, the level of oxygen in Estonia-Estonian, one of Europe’s most difficult language is seen as,
-Except of the Estonian Country commonly used in Russian,
-The capital of Tallinn’s North known as Europe’s oldest,
-The First daily newspaper in Tallinn, has been in the year 1675,
-The summer capital of the country of Parnu;popular student town of Tartu is considered as the capital of culture …
Cuisine Of Estonia
Scandinavian, Russian and German are affected by traditional Estonian dishes, mainly meat, fish and potatoes. Mushroom is used a lot. Black rye bread, accompanied by many of the meals.
Sweet cider is more than consumed in the country, certainly not the beer. Estonia, the most beer-loving and consuming country in the world.
In Tallinn, cabbage soup, smoked meat, marinated eel, eel soup, potato salad, pumpkin pie and dharmalingam cake can be tried. We’re broke down and Wedge’s most famous desserts. Homemade liquor is consumed in abundance for the tourist.

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