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Journey to the North Pole
Rovaniemi, Finland is a city in the North. ‘Run Lapland (Lapland) capital.
Since from the stone age, suggests a steady life is Essential in Rovaniemi is one of the area’s natives from past to present …
The Sami culture, life stories, mythology, legends, traditions, symbols and rituals as a whole is quite interesting. According to many, şamanizmle a closer bond.
Local residents of the Arctic Circle, Essential, aka Laponlar, Sami-speaking; reindeer-breeding;Noting interesting outfits; Finland as well as Sweden, Russia Nor in the jinsha is built even a community.
Did you know them?
Sami in protest of something (Lapland s) early, they turned their clothes,
-The owner of a reindeer, you should never ask how many reindeer, Lapland (Lapland) is not an independent country, unlike any idea is intended; There was even a single country belongs; Finland, Sweden and Norway in the North and a part of Russia with of took place,
Although in the Arctic circle in Lapland, Not as cold as it’s cracked,
He just wanted “the Finnish” names (Sami language (Sami) “gâibmi”), it was said; in this way are called these names felt themselves closer together and the establishment of a connection between them automatically,
Known as “the land of lakes in Finland, thousands of lakes and Islands,
Enjoy the evening sun is in Finland, the country ‘ evening Güneşinin Territories ‘, it was said (in the country because of the white night, never fed into the sky that cannot decide the admiration, the country, especially in the North we put it that way),
The world’s most beautiful northern lights (Aurora Borealis) is one of the region’s cruise Finland,
Whether you come across many parts of the world in Finland some animal species have been found; Wolverine (Wolverine), gray wolf (BB) and elk (SCARIA-a type of deer) are some of them,
Similar to baseball “pesapallo” sport is very popular in Finland, the Karnilerin is the national tv stations of their own,
It is a centuries-old pine trees in Lapland (200-300 per year); It is the oldest pine tree 530 per year) are located in İnari,
It’s not just Santa Claus of Finland, Moomin and the (muu pronounced my-Finnish grave Tove Jansson’s unusual powers, hippos nose as big as noses, plump fictional characters),
In Lapland, with validity for 5 years, reindeer sleigh driving certificate you can get,
‘ Reindeer Sleigh Ride tour operator in Lapland, except ‘ experience will lead you to another tourist activity, ‘ Husky Safari
Husky are the snow-covered regions for hundreds of years is being used to pull the sled. In fact, in some areas, epidemics, husky carried medicines and serums of kilometers have been avoided thanks to the. Attracts the attention of a period pelt husky, many youth long distance racing car.
Another popular tourist attraction is in the region of Lapland,
ICE FISHING ON THE LAKE!.. Your fishing line into a hole open in the ice professionals shaking you can try your luck. Urging you to too far, is always breakable ice don’t forget!

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