Things to do in Adana

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Adana is a city very traditional tourist attractions would be wrong to say that. Agriculture, business and industrial city that Adana’s foreign guests are usually business people coming for commercial purposes or transfer passenger. But a serious gastronomy tourism, especially in our country, the ease of flight and is evolving with the disappearance of the delicacies in major cities. In terms of health tourism Adana, although leaders in our country face Abdullah. The history of Adana structure contains a complete ‘ reality ‘, many provinces of almost Aegean ancient city ownership of land. The accumulation of years of history and rich in çukurova city territory, historical and cultural sightseeing in Adana will appear in her work.

The structure of the stone bridge of Adana symbol made in Roman times, today, Seyhan and Yüreğir Central District is a historic building that connects them. Until a couple of years ago, the structure is also open to vehicle traffic in this the world’s oldest open to vehicle traffic on the bridge. 21-eyed black part of the bridge which was built fills the display as free-standing as 14 eyes today in the middle of the city planted with grandeur.

Seyhan Dam, Dam Lake:
The largest stream that empties into the Mediterranean Sea the Seyhan River in Adana, with years of contribution in the city center. This natural beauty, a dam to prevent flooding in a timely manner and with the same dam offers the opportunity to cool off the local ring of beauty. You can take a walk on the banks of a river, like the civilians, have a snack and you can kick-back.

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