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A million a year the visitor to Stonehenge (which means “Hanging Stones”), is located in Wiltshire, England. Approximately 130 km from London. Neolithic age (polished stone ‘ Age) with Bronze age (bronze age) that occur between a Memorial. Without a doubt, one of the most famous prehistoric monument.
Two types of stone used in Stonehenge.Larger and heavier sarsen stones called (some 9 meters in height and 20-25 tons) and small, volcanic bluestones (blue stones-for stealing the blue when wet it was named). A total of 83 pieces of stone. The stones ‘ most famously “heel stone”; Another is “Cut”. What we do know is that the shape of Stonehenge, “trilithon” overlying horizontal carrying two upright stones called and are combined with a certain inclination, especially created a circle.So, what was the purpose of that happen?Today, many still unsolved secret (as Egypt Pyramids) Stonehenge, the most prominent of these being. A British and Welsh Celtic allegedly priests of Stonehenge, built by the Drüidler. The Celts is used for sacrificial ceremonies, claims. Today, these stones, Drüidlerden a thousand years ago is made clear. Known as durrington Walls (near Stonehenge), it belongs to 2500 Bc and the construction style similarities with Stonehenge Justina opeyemi that was found in a circular structure. From here, it’s time to try to determine the emergence of Stonehenge by exiting studied. Approximately from the ‘ 70s is b.c. 3100 san. All pyramid in Egypt be older than! In this case, the 5000 years old these stones, how that weight and moved to the day’s conditions, it’s a wonder … Of course there is also the claim that aliens do not being discarded.
Mainly associated with astronomy and astrology, Paganism is believed to be linked with. Religious ceremonies has been done here; the leaders of the tribe here is remembered; used as a cemetery (once upon a time was the country’s largest cemetery); Observatory; seen as a place where even a healer. It’s an interesting theory, Stonehenge is actually a giant clock!
Legends Of Stonehenge
The legend of the monk’s ‘ heel ‘
According to the legend, Stonehengenin is the principal architect of the Devil. An elderly woman living in Ireland in his backyard has some big stones. Satan also wants these stones. Disguised as a gentleman himself who brought the devil, the old woman has managed to take from him the magic stones lured. Salisbury Plain in England, for example.No one even where it came from this magical stones speak of the devil who thinks whether there was witness a monk and the devil answered. Very angry devil, threw to him a large stone and stone monk on his heels. The story of the stone is based on that of the famous Heel.
Another rumor, monk is too much secret Devil stones but they will never know what happened on to say whether Devil’s angry and move in the direction of throwing a monk on his heels again.
According to a folk tale, the legend of King Arthur’s Wizard character here the stones Merlin. But archaeological findings, stone is older than King Arthur and Merin.
Another legend has it that he brought the stones from Africa Giants here.
The latest rumor is, where she came from, people actually opened trilithon is a kind of door. Rumor is that, every 5000 years these doors to open on the big disasters but the world community. For this reason, according to legend, these doors is prohibited.

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