Miserable day as notorious point of interest is annihilated

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The Azure Window, accepted to have framed normally in the mid-nineteenth century, has turned into a historic point of Gozo and the island’s common magnificence.


The huge shake curve historic point, with its level top over the blue ocean at Dwejra, is one of Malta’s significant tourism drawcards.


It appeared to have persevered through the furious oceans yet the tempests that hit Malta and Gozo as of late at last cleared away the entire structure on Wednesday morning.


Nobody was harmed as the stone development came smashing down into the ocean. Geologists had since quite a while ago cautioned that it could give route whenever.


Malta’s Premier Joseph Muscat broke the news on Twitter, saying: “I have quite recently been educated that the lovely Tieqa bit Dwejra in has caved in.”


In another tweet he stated: “Reports appointed throughout the years demonstrated that this historic point would be hard hit by unavoidable regular erosion. That tragic day arrived.”


Neighborhood inhabitant Roger Chessell was at Dwejra when it happened, having gone to take photos of the tempest.


“There was a major seething ocean underneath the window,” he told the Times of Malta.


“Abruptly, the curve given way into the ocean with a noisy whoomph, hurling an immense splash. When the splash had blurred, the stack had gone as well.”


Geologist Peter Gatt said the limestone column supporting the curve gave way. He credited the crumple to years of disintegration by both under and overground ocean swells.


The window additionally filled in as a scenery in the 1981 film Clash of the Titans.


With parts of the stone development disintegrating throughout the years, the administration a month ago instituted €1500 fines (A$2097) for anybody found strolling over the curve.

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