Helen’s picture should stay where he is to travel to Andalusia?

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The route of Andalusia, hotels within walking distance of the sights easy to choose.
In the heart of the old city, a hotel near Plaza Nueva ntam best choice. Arab Market, the Cathedral, the Albayzin and 15-20 minutes ‘ walk to Sacromento. That’s less than buses to the Alhambra exiting challenge. (There are a lot of steep, 1 hours, four or five hours after the House and the gardens you will be.)

La Mezquita (mosque of Cordoba) and the only places outside the Market area around the Juderia Quarter, actually. We thought we’d stay and comfortable ride at night, don’t rush the Juderia was nice to. 100 metres from La Mezquita Andalusia excursion the most pleasant stay in our hotel Balcon de Cordoba. Tours usually stop by, they’re going to Seville for the evening at noon, he can be considered. Thus can be planned in a six-day trip in Andalusia. History of villages northeast of Baeza or region or stay at Übeda.

Madrid capital of Spain, but Sevilla is a world capital, they said, this is for the city. That’s why you need to use good time. Be sure to stay near Seville Cathedral. Connect one end of the compass on the map, draw a circle from the river deposited the alignment from the Cathedral, you’ll want to see almost anywhere in this circle. El Arenal, bullfights and a very quiet neighborhood, except for the period. Nice hotel and one night of Trina’s exceptional indoor market (Mercato) food can be eaten.

Obviously we have the city’s narrow streets, most of the peninsula at the end of the El Faro District (southwest coast) a hotel or B & B. Transportation by car and parking is easy to find. 5-10 minutes on foot from the city centre. So we visited, the last day at sea mountain Foothill Let’s arbitrarily say, you’ll be disappointed, that’s for sure. Europe spent summer holidays on the Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical coasts, people understand the value of the coast of Turkey. Gray-green water, protracted soulless beaches and you will be welcomed with a concrete jungle. We the hubbub into a 30-minute drive from Estepona to Marbella to stay out of the small coastal towns of staying offline. We went for a ride to the village of one-and-a-half-hour drive from Ronda. Located in the Centre of the town is the Plaza de Las Flores square, ate a nice dinner.

We’re not in Malaga, she toured all over the … I don’t think we lost a lot. On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, while a stay in Alanya, Antalya or option. Malaganın East coast called the Costa Tropical Almunecar and two famous seaside town-city of Almería. As a planning option, to throw away the fatigue of the way landing of Andalusia is in one of these cities spend the night and the next morning I woke up early to go out from Granada. But a waste of time.
I came to the end of this article the moment the transfer to you I hope you have in mind about question marks in Andalusia, and enjoyed. If you are going to visit in Andalusia if it has been my experience that if you trust them. I’m waiting for your comments.

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