Things to do in Yozgat

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The battle of Manzikert the Seljuks of Anatolia the Turks doors come with Caravan Beckwith plateau.

When you enter the Yozgat between the mountains, first built in square Prism-shaped Master Yozgatlı Şakir Yozgat clock tower. View all blog entries by the city shows itself with Minda. Like all city watch in silence.

Have a old estranged hillside Yozgat homes due to the hardness of the climate is thick and plastered stone wall of snow white offers you superb views of the painted. Outside the one-story houses in the area, there are two or three-storey houses and mansions. Hosting many of them built in the 1800s.

Recruiting with unique architecture and Chakra Mosque right in the middle of the Bazaar, all the grandeur. in 1779 and single domed Mosque, 3 main Chakra for that place.

Nag Mansion known as the Yozgat Museum, was built in 1871. The ceiling and walls are covered with wood. Peculiar to the ethnographic works are exhibited in a museum.

With the Phaeton that carries to the present day, the history city tour will leave you admiring once again to Yozgat. You may come across in the corner cold mountain waters of the fountain and walking around the city, freshly baked doughnuts mis attracts finger smell like you.

The city just decorates mountains evergreen trees. The first national park having Çamlık was the personification of heaven on Earth. Like the great leader Atatürk came to Pine Grove and you don’t want to go again. Summer and winter water between the trees cry for silence break of … Invites the Pine Grove looking for my own peace of mind. A century of monument trees stretches into the sky. Sometimes it is not possible to see the Sun through the branches.

in 1850, sergeant major Mosque, is a rare ceiling and window decorations. Mosques and shrines in the city of Yozgat, the best examples of the Anatolian Islamic culture you find peace within.

Sultan Selim I’s invasion of Egypt in the year 1516 he built on the way to the excellent stonework with Kanu Bridge worth a visit.

Spicy chicken soup famous dishes of Yozgat, madımaktan and most importantly do not return without eating testi. Test fills up the taste of service with kebab.

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