Romania’s Rival in the vampire Tourism

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Transylvania’s Bran, a.k.a. Dracula Castle and a number of vampire tourism Romania came a strong competitor to: Neighbor Bulgaria. in 2004, Bulgaria has become stuck to the coffins of Deultum archaeological area has 17 skeleton. 4. the purpose of this century pagan customs, the dead vampires from their graves to blow it up. Pagans, the souls of bad people remains in the body after death. This area in the next few years, new ones are added. In the town of Sozopol, 700-year-old stuck iron pile breasts found two skeletons. And in a similar ancient twin towns now, with Bulgaria’s Sozopol Sighişoara in Romania include the creation of a route for a vampire on the agenda. It also will open the tourism and large glass sarcophagus Deultum, will be exhibited in the world’s biggest vampire burial area.





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