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Zanzibar, Tanzania

We’re going to Light summer day. On the simple things, you’re screwing around on the beach. Buzzing in your head are waves swallowed. Nature taking over slowly your cells. The edge of a giant log attached, mango-orange juice mixture on to the Indian Ocean while sipping a g/f.

The Carnival Of Your Dreams
Venice Italy
A few months ago, took to the streets, Venetians take their banners and the sentence declared they don’t want more tourists into the realm. Not very misafirane but not haksızda. More than 20 million people a year visit the tiny town, locals, tourists, because of the abundance of home couldn’t find. We don’t want to see more angry themselves, but ‘ don’t die ‘ lists see buff to gong’s stole Venice Carnival. Add magic under the spell of the city masked costume contest, note in particular.

A Day In The Mountains
Salzburg, Austria
In the face of the power of the landscape, words are inadequate. The only thing that cuts in impressive views of the Schafberg not faint; a trip up the mountain in a separate tips. He jumps on a train and a thousand old fashioned little over 700-meter climb steep mountain paths since 1893 madhuravani teao you fact, that handles 6 …-kilometer journey takes 35 minutes. The weather turned on 360-degree views of the Salzkammergut Lakes gleaming at your disposal.

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